Sunday, February 27, 2011

auction success....and a few other good things

So at the last minute Amelia and I decided to join mom at the local auction house to watch her bid on something she really wanted for the cabin.  And of course when I got there I got caught up in the fun of it all and came home with a few treasures for myself!  My new mustard yellow chair ($4!!!!)  is the coolest.....and no matter what Brad and Shay say .....the chair stays in the living room!

I love it with the black and white pillow on it! 

The cool thing about vintage things is that you know there's a history behind that piece.  Just adds something a little special to it....

Amelia scored a box of beaded necklaces

At one point she had them all on at the same time.....quite the princess!!
These will provide countless hours of play....thanks Nana!

I also found a neat painting to add to a grouping of paintings from local artists that I have.
And a really sweet chenille (no that's not what it's called, mom -- help me out!) bedspread.  And a lamp that is going to be a future project (no pictures of the lamp).

I totally loved the curly hair Audrey gave me yesterday.....made me feel like a different person!

And, yes, I do take pictures of myself in the mirror sometimes.....still trying to figure out so many things on my camera!

We ended the day with chicken parmesan and devil dogs.  Of course I had my trusty little helper by my side....

Devil dogs are pure sin on a plate!

Happy week all!!

"being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections" -- unknown

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