Saturday, February 26, 2011

hockey night.....

was fun.....for the majority of us

we got there early and the boys watched the players warm up

some nice guy caught a puck that came over the wall and gave it to cool is that?

Wouldn't it be fun to drive the zamboni?

I forgot how much fun hockey games are.....I love the rock music, cowbells, flashing lights.....very high energy!

the kids had a great time....

except for poor Mack -- his sensory issues didn't let him enjoy it too much:(   And then Sam started not feeling we left early

We'll definitely do it again!

"surely as cometh the winter, I know, there are spring violets under the snow" -- R.H. Newell

****just went to an auction and got the coolest things!!  Sharing pictures of them tomorrow:)

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