Saturday, June 18, 2011

slow down summer

why does time always fly so fast when you don't want it to?
Our days have been filled, not with any planned activities,
but whatever comes our way.

I remember when  I was a kid though, summer days seemed endless.
My kids are packing in as much fun as they can!

Everyone was very entertained with Shay standing on the deck in a downpour

We even had a Batman sighting here on Bruce Lane!

A few craft projects (this is a stepping stone that Mack made)

And keeping those bikes nice and shiny

Josef started his first year of coach pitch baseball

He is doing a great job!
Nash would like to be on the team, too

Or at least be the ball boy:))

Hoping you all are enjoying your summer as well!

"balance is somewhere between finding my edge and allowing myself grace"  ~~ unknown

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