Monday, June 27, 2011

the nature trail with a new lens

Last week I took a photography class with a good friend of mine.  It gave
me the confidence to finally try out the telephoto lens I got with my camera
that I've been too scared to use.
The kids and I headed out to the nature trail for a bike ride/walk and
so I could do some practice shots.
The boys immediately found the mulberry trees.....yum!

They had to have the berries that were up in a tree neither of them could reach.
Love that they were working together here!

These two took in all the action from the radio flyer.

Smashed mulberries on his butt:))

They never stop running

Thank you Miss Amelia for taking my picture.  Love the creative angle:))

And as happy as everyone looks here, they all probably should have been taking
naps instead.  The day went downhill fast from here .......fighting, teasing, hitting, talking back, name it, they were doing it.
The looney bin was looking like a good option.
But we (I) made it through and the next day was better.
Why are some days so smooth and others so rough?
Part of the whole parenting thing, huh....

Wishing you all a smooth week:))

"to be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today" ~~ anonymous

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  1. Those were great pictures. I know nothing about photography but that telephoto added a bit more clarity to your pictures. I like it! All the times I've been on the nature trail I had no idea there were mulberry trees hiding out there. I guess it's because I'm usually running and not looking for berries. We'll have to try it out sometime!