Friday, June 3, 2011

canoeing the crick

it's something that Brad and I usually do once or twice a summer.
Very relaxing and a nice way to spend a hot day.
We decided to take a couple of the kids for the first time today.
Josef and Amelia wanted to go.

They strapped on their lifejackets
(which would come in handy later during "the incident")

Tested the waters.....

and jumped aboard!

One of us put our feet up and settled back to soak up the sun while the other paddled.
That's the way it goes.....
(Nice muddy feet! Definitely time for a pedicure:))

The water's dirty but the scenery is beautiful

We stopped at a little sandbar to eat lunch
 shortly after Josef threw the title to the canoe into the river and it got sucked under some branches in the water.  Whoops!

If you're wondering why Josef's forehead looks yellow,
 they decided to make body art with markers yesterday.

Amelia throwing her mostly eaten peach in the water
(by the way, the Georgia peaches are 98 cents a pound at Walmart right now and REALLY good)

Almost to the end of our trip
where the incident occured

Let's just say two of our riders got out and the other two proceeded to accidentally tip the canoe, float over the dam, and then have to swim around collecting floating shoes, paddles and the cooler.
All while Amelia is crying and screaming
 "Mommy call the ambulance!"
  "Mommy we have to get new Gatorade now!"  
"Mommy, how are we going to get them out?"
She was freaking out,
so was I a little bit inside.
All was well. 
 No one got hurt.
Lessons were learned.
I don't think Josef will ever canoe again.
I don't think we'll take the kids again.

We headed to the pool and spent the next few hours there.
And since I had no desire to do any cooking,
we had pizza on the deck

Love this picture (even though someone smudged the lens)
of Nash and I both stuffing our faces

And again.....
you get the picture,
I'm a pig

Could we really end a 90 degree day WITHOUT a trip
to the Union Station?

Another lesson we learned today was not to order a cone
when it's 90 degrees:((

These little Guess overalls were Shay's when he was a baby!!
Awwww......I think they're so cute!
Josef asked me if I was really going to make Nash wear them.

Got a problem with my outfit????

Happy weekend!!!

"the secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly" ~~ Buddha

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  1. Whew! What a day! I saw you at the pool yesterday and I wanted to come over and say hi but CJ was wild and kept running away from me. Glad everything worked out alright after the incident. Happy kid-free canoeing next time. :)