Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day 2011

our weekend was pretty uneventful.
I worked Saturday and then got all of Sunday off
due to low census at the hospital.
The day was cold and rainy so the kids
snuggled up for some Gnomeo and Juliet

But the weather was awesome today. 
 It was warmer at 5:30 this morning during my
run than it was all day yesterday.
I knew for certain we would be hitting the pool.
Which I unfortunately told the children who proceeded
to ask me at least 150 times "how long until we go swimming?"
I had to remind myself how excited I used to get for the first day at the pool:))

We made a trip out to the cemetery.
The flags are always so beautiful on Memorial Day

The kids had lots of questions at the cemetery;
 the kind of questions you hope you are answering correctly.
Like when Mack asked me if the people with the taller headstones were put in the ground standing up instead of laying down.

We went home and had a little of our own pool time

And Shay finished getting his garden in 

Looking forward to fresh tomatoes, potatoes, kohlrabi, carrots, peppers, green beans and peas!

Finally it was time to go to the pool......

This little man was terrified! 
 Didn't even want to get close to the water let alone get in the pool.
He cried and cried and daddy had to bring him home:((
Hope that changes quickly!
The older three had a great time:)
We came home and played a little bit more in the water

Made some snowcones -- this is totally worth the 20 bucks at WalMart
for an easy, fun treat

And Miss Amelia crashed, too much fun in the sun:))

Glad to have summer days back!!

"be intent upon the perfection of the present day" ~~ William Law

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