Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter treasures

lots of treasures were found at our Easter this year,
but the best treasures are the memories we will have! 
These two treasures started out the morning snuggling on the couch

Another treasure?
Wet baby smooches!

Nana (my mom) decided to do a scavenger hunt instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt this year. 
Each child started out with a beach bucket and there was a clue to lead them to sacks of goodies.

And on it went, to the mailbox

filling up their baskets as they went with candy, bubbles, and little toys.
There was even a sack of gifts in the basketball hoop!

(just thought this was pretty:))

The last treasure was in the kids cabin.....these sacks had a new outfit in them for everyone

Get psyched up for a LOT of bubble pictures......I love these!

Nash was trying to blow his own bubbles with his mouth!

Love this picture!!

And this one....

The day wouldn't be complete without Shay crawling to the TOP of the tree!
It freaks me out to watch him now, but it used to be me climbing that same tree.

The guys had to do a little paintball shooting

I caught Josef on the swing eating his chocolate bunny (hoping no one was watching) .....

Nana and Amelia at the end of a great day

Oops! I almost forgot to include the picture of my dad and his rubber duckie!!

Loving life!!

"enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things" ~~ Robert Brault

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