Saturday, April 23, 2011

the party

We had a great time at Josef's party!
For the kids' party we have always had our families over for supper, cake 
and present opening.
I'm sure one of these days we will have to start having parties that include inviting 
other kids,
but they haven't asked and I kind of like the parties at home with them
celebrating with their cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents.
We have purposely never taken the kids to Chuckie Cheese's to avoid them finding
out how much fun it is (mean, aren't we?) and asking to go all the time.
Josef will have his first experience today when he goes there for another
little boy's seventh birthday party.
I'm sure after we hear all his fun stories, everyone will want to go......blah:(

The kids had the day off school for Good Friday so Josef opened his presents from us in the afternoon.

The thing he wanted most of all was snorkeling gear to use at the pool and in Canada this summer.

Later the rest of the family showed up for the party.
Josef got lots of cool things!

Always got to have a little John Deere!

Baseball shoes for summer ball

A little bonding time between Mack and Uncle Brandt ( and on a sidenote, Mack asked me last night to make sure no one else took his spot on my sweet:))

At every child's birthday party we always release balloons, even in the dead of winter.
Definitely a major tradition in our house!
It's the most fun when there's not a lot of wind and you can watch them go for a long time.
Unfortunately it was pretty windy last night so the balloons disappeared quickly

Cupcake time!!

Some kids devour their cupcakes....

Others lick the frosting first and then eat the cupcake......
(Josef's cousin Evan)

No wrong way to eat a cupcake:))

Shay initiated birthday spankings 
(ha Shay, you're on my blog!!)

Me and the birthday boy snugglin' it up!

Such a silly boy and I love him so much!!

One of the coolest gifts he received is this tabletop easel.....
way to go Uncle Brandt and Aunt's a hit!!

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter!

"i'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck" ~~ Emma Goldman

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