Sunday, April 17, 2011

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

here's a hodgepodge of topics for you!
Josef lost his first tooth Friday....
he was so happy because Mack (who is one year younger) has already lost two teeth!!
It earned him a gold dollar coin and a dollar bill.
Am I remembering right that I got like a dime for my teeth??

Shay had his junior prom Saturday night and looked very dashing!
Made me want to go put on my prom dresses.....I wonder if mom still has those?
Here he is in all his handsomeness......

Love all the different expressions in this picture!

And Shay with his clone.....

Sounds like he had a great time, and is on the road now for an Ag competition in Western Iowa tomorrow.  Busy boy!

Here is how we bribe our kids to do things for us, or reward
 good, positive behavior.......marble jars

They get anywhere from one to ten marbles for certain chores, trying new food, being extra kind to someone, etc.  They understand that they don't always get marbles, that sometimes ( a lot of times) they have to do jobs with no rewards just because that is part of living in our house and being a family.  But it does come in handy when there's something we really want done.  And we never take marbles away for bad behavior.....I try not to call any attention to negative actions.

When their jar gets full they have a few options for their "prize".
~a date with mommy and daddy to go out to eat
~ a movie with mommy and daddy
~a trip to the toy store to choose one new toy
~goofy golfing

So far no one has filled their jar yet, but Josef is in the lead by quite a ways with Mack and Shay tied for second.  Amelia's lagging behind a little bit......

Josef is turning 7 on Friday and he was nice enough to make out a list of a few things he thought he might want ~ the boy doesn't ask for much:))

And this is how Mack came out of the shower tonight.....
lookin' good buddy!

Happy week all!

"do what you can with what you have where you are" ~~ Theodore Roosevelt

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