Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hola hola!

We are home.
I am happy!
Grateful to have survived the flight
 (with a little help from captain Lorazepam and orange juice and vodka, me and flying don't get along - frankly it terrifies me)
Definitely feeling more peaceful and in tune with life.
And, oh so ecstatic to be reunited with the little loves of my life!
I missed them like crazy 
and worried about them despite knowing they were in the best care possible.
It is a strange feeling to be out of the country and feel so out of control of your kids.....but they had the best time with their grandparents and an awesome sleepover at their cousin's house that totally rocked their weekend!
How lucky are we to have family who will take on 5 kids for almost a week......luckier than most I know!

So no more babble, here's a few of our moments....

the beautiful beach and palm trees

a place we walked down the beach to that Brad decided we had to jump off - or in his case, dive

the ocean is so beautiful, I think it is why I love the color turquoise so much.....reminds me of all the different blues of the sea

we wrote all the kids names in the sand and quick took a picture before the waves washed them away

saw some wildlife including a monkey and this lizard

loved watching the water crash up over these rocks and then run back down

everything is so vivid and colorful, I could have taken thousands of pictures

the food was amazing
unfortunately Montezuma had his revenge on me
but I recovered quickly......
thinking it may have been the octopus I tried.
I played it pretty safe after that and stuck with foods I knew!

The sunrise was undescribeable......part of what I loved was watching so many people all standing facing east with their cameras ready, waiting for the sun to pop up over the horizon.
And when it did, people applauded. Seriously.
  And it was deserving of applause. 
 I have at least 20 pictures of it but here's a few of my faves

(notice the ship right under the sun?)


Most days we were on the beach by 8:30 or so.....laid around there til the afternoon and then went poolside for a few fruity cocktails

soaking up a little more sunshine

not wanting night to fall

a few of the quirkier moments,
this bird landed right in front of me and wasn't scared at all....
this was shortly after a lizard (that was about 2 feet long) slowly crossed right in front of me

the big mirror in the lobby that I loved and had to get a picture of

and me with the little donkey our housekeeper made out of wash rags that stayed in our room all week

after 5 days it was hard to leave the beauty and warmth of the Riviera Maya

but it was harder to be away from those I love most
so we boarded up and home we flew

Right where we belong:))

My little senorita....

Back to reality.
And feeling ready to take it on.

and to repeat
"the waves of the sea helped me get back to me!"


  1. Wow! A trip to remember. The sand and water is dazzling. And are you sure you've had five kids? I'd do anything for a tummy like that. What a fantastic trip...glad you had fun.

  2. Jessica LongwischApril 15, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    You take really great pictures! I'm a little jealous...I need a getaway!! I love your blog, it always makes me smile!

  3. Ahhhh, that looks AWESOME! I really need something like that. Beautiful photos, makes me long for the beach and a cocktail.