Thursday, April 21, 2011

peeps and more

how about these peeps?
so precious.....

Preparation for Josef's 7th birthday tomorrow is underway
and we are hoping the weather prediction is wrong!
I can't believe he's turning seven.....
time has flown

Amelia and I had some serious Peep projects to work on today
starting out with our Peep wreaths

So quick and easy, a little ribbon and a little hot glue and

This one looked good on our wall but made it's way to brighten up somebody else's home:))

So we made another one
We ran out of ribbon so we improvised by wrapping Easter grass around the wreath form
I love this one, too

Our next Peep adventure was to make S'meeps
I'll let the pictures do the explaining.....

After the boys came home from school it was time for egg dyeing
My plan had been to do natural egg dyeing with onion skins, beets and other food 
and tie it into earth day but the dollar store kits just looked way easier
and less time consuming

Oh, girls and their pouty faces:((

Wouldn't be fun if Nash didn't get in on a little of the action!!


I'm so surprised that this happened! Not!!

Seconds after this picture it ended up on the floor.
Egg dyeing done for one more year
(it never has been my favorite thing to do)

Happy Easter!!!

"you say, 'if i had a little more, i should be very satisfied.'  you make a mistake.  if you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled." ~~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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