Tuesday, April 19, 2011

nash's surgery

okay, so it was just tubes
minor surgery
but it's never minor when they take your baby out of your arms
and you watch them take him down the hall
away from you
while he's crying 
and reaching his arms back towards his mommy
the one who's supposed to keep him safe
and you know
everything will be okay
but you pace the hall while the seconds tick by 
and finally they bring you back your baby
and you are so grateful that they kept him safe
and returned him to you
healthy and healed

dramatic i know but it was hard for this momma

and why exactly do they put a boy in a lavender gown???

Nash made a friend Isaac while they both waited for surgery, the only part of the morning he was really happy

And you would have thought that he would have taken off this surgical cap and thrown it across the room
but he kept it on for a long time!

This is after surgery, he was doing everything he could to escape the room

Mad baby!

That kid can pull some hair!

Finally, finally we were home
I think he was staring outside trying to figure out this weather just like everyone else is!

Food makes Nash a much happier guy!

Wasn't long and he was chasing me around with a gun
Back home where he belongs

Looking forward to some PEEP projects later this week......
stay tuned!

"of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother" ~~ Lin Yutang


  1. Awwww, just went through that with my little guy about a month ago. I think it's harder on the mama than the babe. Hope the tubes work their magic.

  2. Love the picture of Nash from behind with his diaper and cute, chubby legs peeking out. I hope the surgery will help him feel MUCH better!