Sunday, March 20, 2011

chameleon art

So this project came from one of my favorite people that I have never even met.  Her blog has inspired a lot of projects that I've done with the kids and especially my interest in photography.  Not to mention the awesome rainbow cake I've made for several birthday parties and some other really good recipes.  Check out her "craft Thursdays'" link on the right side of her blog for some of the art work she's done with her kids. I really love her and am thinking of making the time one of these days to drive to Kansas and stalk her house (with my equally nosy sister-in-law Sandy!)

Anyhow, here's our chameleons......and I have to give credit to Shay for drawing them out with Sharpie markers for us since I seriously have no drawing skills whatsoever!!

Meg used watercolors, but I didn't have enough for everyone so we used acrylics with q-tips for our paint brushes.

I let them each pick 4 or 5 colors that they really liked.

It's amazing how quiet it gets when art is happening in our house.

I usually do the project, too.  This guy is mine --

Josef spent the longest on his -

After the chameleons were done I let them do whatever they wanted on blank paper.......this turned into lots of mixing of colors

Mack likes this type of creating better than planned out projects......

I told Amelia her plate looked like a beautiful piece of art!

And the final works of art now hanging in our studio AKA the refrigerator......

And it took just as long to clean up the mess as it took for them to do the project, but they LOVE making art and being creative and it's a great way to divert them from t.v, fighting with each other, boredom, whatever the case may be.  

Well, I'm off to purge a closet.

Have a happy week, all!!

"watch your thoughts; they become words. watch your words; they become actions. watch your actions; they become habits. watch your habits; they become character. watch your character; it becomes your destiny." ~~ Frank Outlaw

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  1. Love it! You and the kids did a great job. I thought about trying some of Meg's crafts too but I didn't know if Kate would have the patience for it. You've inspired me, now!