Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i need an escape from reality......

just for a few short days.
My patience is wearing thin,
the cold, dreary days are getting to me, 
I need a change in scenery.

And it's coming......
in just a few short weeks.
Six days of relaxation, white sand beaches, turquoise oceans and warmth on my skin.
(Oh, and a liquor dispenser in our room and a fully stocked mini-bar:))

I cannot wait!
Don't get me wrong.......I will miss the kids like crazy.
I'm sure there will be a few (okay, a lot) of tears shed from being away from them.
But I need a break.
And I am hoping to come back with a new outlook and a whole lot more patience.
I think it will be great for the kids to spend time with their grandparents, too. 
 Some of my best memories with my grandparents are from when my parents were gone on vacation.  It's a vacation for the kids also! They have to be tired of me....

So until our day of departure I will keep this image in my mind..

Happy Wednesday!!

"stress is basically a disconnection from the earth; a forgetting of the breath.  stress is an ignorant state.  it believes that everything is an emergency.  nothing is that important.  just lie down. ~~ Natalie Goldberg

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