Saturday, March 19, 2011

I bet you don't have red rainboots!!

I think they're awesome!!

My husband thinks I'm a dork.....

Ok, I probably am.....but aren't they cool?  Can't wait to splash in some puddles with these babies!

And Brad did say they'd be neat in bright yellow.....I think he secretly likes them!

The rest of our day is consisting of french toast making

pan clanging

a little bit of snuggling

learning how to use my stupid smart phone (ok, I'm the stupid one.....why are they so difficult??)

playing outdoors

(my little fashion icon:))

and a little bit of exercise, tanning, cleaning, cartoon watching, laundry, and for Brad - a grass fire to fight....that will make his day!

Hope you all are enjoying your day:)

"BREAKING NEWS!!  Happiness is a Choice!!"

1 comment:

  1. Great boots! I'm digging them! I tried to get myself a pair of lavender boots but I have skis for feet.