Friday, May 13, 2011

adventure at Lyle's

otherwise known as "Country Roads"
but Lyle runs the joint 
and he gave me free rein to take pictures of
one of the most unique places I've been.
Aptly named, you take country roads to get there.
My mom, Amelia, Nash and I loaded in the truck (after a brief call to
OnStar to unlock it after the doors locked on mom) and hit the dusty trails.
And it was one of the most beautiful days of the year thus far!

  I wish I had the words to describe Lyle and the land and buildings
he inhabits, but it's one of those places you just have to 
experience yourself.  I took lots of pictures, so hopefully you can get 
a feel for his eclectic, creative, out of the box style.
He is an artist.
There are many little sheds spread all around, all painted and decorated differently.

Lyle makes all sorts of metal sculptures.
Whether it's your style or not, you have to admit that this man has
serious talent!

I loved capturing the kids in this awesome setting.

Nash was in love with this cat who would let him get almost close enough
to touch, and then run away.

This is definitely my favorite picture from the day.

Inside the shop is cement work, sculptures, furniture, and multiple other creations
of Lyle's.
Garden tools, anyone?

The main reason we made the drive to Lyle's was to pick up a table mom had
bought for the cabin.
And as we were looking around, she pulled back a cloth and found
ANOTHER cool table......that one came home with us, too!

Checking out the cat again......

And seriously, this place is a picker's dream!  I would just love to be the picker
cause there are lots of treasures to be found (and I know not everyone would see treasures here,
but trust me, they're there!)

Oh, and did I mention that the man also has a nursery?

He can grow plants and flowers like no other!

AND he makes cement pieces for the garden.....this was one of my favorites!
(By the way, my mom makes them, too, and they are just as cool.  I can hook you up if 
you ever need a gift idea)

Had to take a picture of a mirror in the greenhouse:)

No idea of the meaning of a dog and a bobber in a plant

Cool fence!

Wonder where he got all the mailboxes?

So many cool places to take pictures!

Nana and Amelia checking out metal turtles

About this time we needed a water break, it was warm!

Nash was a little petrified of Lyle, and he had just spotted him.
And the reason there are no pictures of Lyle?  There was an Amish man there helping him out 
and I think it's against something in their religion to have their picture taken.  Trust me though, I was DYING to get a shot of him in his cute black hat, bright blue shirt and suspenders!

Here's another one of the little buildings  in his backyard.

And then the ultimate prize, Amelia had to use the restroom and he said we could go in his 
house and use his bathroom.
And I was free to take pictures in his house!
Which I kind of felt guilty doing, so I took a few but deleted them.  
Trust me when I tell you, though, that the house he designed and built
himself and with help from the Amish, is to die for!
This shelf with old radios was hanging in his garage.

How cool is this building!!??

Amelia took quite a few pictures, also.  
And she kept saying, "I have an idea!" and she'd go pose
in a new spot

The elusive cat


Mommy, let's take a picture over there!

The last shot of the day.

Can't wait to go back.....
See you soon Lyle!!

"don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. and then go and do that. because what the world needs is people who have come alive" ~~ Howard Thurman

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