Thursday, May 26, 2011

he's six!

My crazy, full of energy, loveable, 
trouble making, sweet smiling
little boy turned 6 yesterday! 
Seems like just yesterday we were
bringing home this little one

What he wanted most of all for his birthday was balloons he 
could blow up.
That was easy!

He also got boxing gloves which hopefully will be a great way for him to 
release some of his energy!

Uncle Brandt gave him a new billfold with money already in it....

He also got lots of new summer clothes, new sandals, a few new toys,
and some cool art projects to do!

Since he is a pizza lover, he requested mac and cheese pizza from
Casey's for supper.  We were also going to make snowcones but 
the weather wasn't quite warm enough.

Mack designed the party hats himself:))

This was one of the four cupcakes that he ate! 

We had our traditional balloon release,
always a favorite part!

He had a great birthday and we are actually done for birthdays now 
for about three months.

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday when I was lucky enough
to get the day off work and spent almost all of it outside with
Nash and Amelia.
Baby got some new kicks.....

The kids all love playing in the water and Nash is no exception.
Give him a bucket of water, a shovel and an empty bubble container
and he is entertained for hours!

But please don't squirt him with the hose!

Oh, the humanity when you get in trouble for spraying brother with the hose!

It's even more fun to try to splash mommy!

My little helper

It was actually nice enough to fill our little pool

Nothing cuter than baby shorts!
Why do they always go down to their ankles??

Tomorrow is the last day of school so I am getting myself prepared
~coming up with activities to keep kids entertained
~having more food available for all their little mouths
~pool time!
~cabin time
~trips to the park
~making lots of good memories!

Hope you are all ready for a great summer as well!

"when I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around" ~~ Willie Nelson

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