Wednesday, May 18, 2011

playin' in the dirt

some of us played in it, 
some of us ate it,
no big deal.
The day started at 3:45 am with a very 
unhappy Nash.  
Fortunately, he went back to sleep.
Unfortunately, I did not.
This is him still sleeping (in my bed) at 7:45 am


We kissed and made up

Since it's such a beautiful day, we loaded up to go buy some flowers (in Vinton, of course)
Then we headed home for a picnic on the deck.
Amelia's lunch: Peanut butter crackers, cheese, grapes, juice and a brownie

Swiper, no swiping!!

And my lunch
Have you tried the organic blue chips with flax seed from Target?

Yesterday Mack came home from school and was VERY upset 
because his class had all planted marigolds and EVERYONE'S
was coming up except for his.....
major meltdown  when he showed me his container with no flower:((
What did I do?

What choice did I have?

Amazing how fast a marigold will grow while the kids are at school:))
Yeah, I suppose you should let your kids experience some disappointments so they're prepared
for real life......not this time, though
F.Y.I.  the excitement on his face when he saw it was totally worth the deceit!

We moved outside to do some planting in the garden 
and in my two pots (that's right, two.....any more than that and 
things start dying)

And this is where the dirt eating comes in....
Why did he eat dirt and act like he enjoyed it?
I can't explain

Happy Wednesday!

"she listened to her heart above all other voices.  she saw every ending as a new beginning.  she turned her can't into cans and her dreams into plans." ~~ unknown

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