Sunday, May 22, 2011

sparring in the backyard

That's how we ended the weekend,
but let me tell you about Saturday.
Josef, Mack and I went to the Heart Walk.
I was a little nervous because neither of them had
ever walked 3 miles.
And to add to that, it was raining.
But they did a great job and they loved running
and splashing in all the puddles.....I was very proud of them!
Later that morning Val and I headed to Dubuque where
my mom had a booth in the art fair there.
We did some shopping and ate at our favorite place "Salsa's"
My best find of the day was this dress I'm planning on wearing on the 4th of July, found in 
a vintage clothing shop.
Cool, huh??

We were extremely glad the world didn't end on our drive home:))

Sunday started out as a lazy day.

Nash sitting in the basket of books

Then Brad decided to get the kids involved in the mowing.
I was a little nervous at first, but they did a great job!
And they loved it

Amelia even made a pass or two!

And I posted on facebook that I thought since they could mow, they certainly could 
do their own laundry.
Which sounded extreme at first, but the idea keeps growing in my head.
I will be working out a lot of details, but it's gonna happen.
What better way to teach responsibility than making kids do their own laundry, fold
and put away?
We shall see how it goes.....

The best part of the day (for me anyways) was boxing with each other!
Shay and I started out with a little sparring in the living room.

I soon realized I was a little over my head boxing with this boy!
He is aggressive! 
And looking a little too happy to be hitting his momma!

We took it outside

I got a good workout

Shay loved to box.....and he was really good at it!
Maybe I can talk him into some OXF?

He kicked my mitt off once or twice

Bob and weave, baby!

Soaking it all in:))

The guys ~~

Somebody snapped a few pretty garden pictures.....

Josef wanted in on the action

You're awesome, Josef!!

And one more........
take that!!!

This is possibly us discussing if I was moving backwards when he was hitting.
Hello!  You boys hit hard, I was a little nervous:)
So much fun to get everyone outside moving
and doing something I love!

We have a special day coming up Wednesday,
Mack is turning 6.
He decided he wanted to make party hats for all the kids.
Here he is modeling one of them.

Happy week all!!

"that's my gift. i let that negativity roll off of me like water off a duck's back.  if it's not positive, i didn't hear it." ~~ George Foreman

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